It was recently brought to Village Council's attention that a brand new inpatient detox and residential treatment facility has applied to the state of Ohio for operation at 430 North Broadway Street, Green Springs; in an existing building adjacent to Green Springs Elementary School. An application for certification with OhioMHAS was submitted on 7/23/2021 to provide residential withdrawal management inpatient substance use disorder services (OAC 5122-29-09). A representative from OhioMHAS reported to Mayor Greenslade that the application has been assigned to a surveyor for review. There is no current certification. Based on the current application, the provider has not submitted an application for an opioid treatment program (methadone clinic). The OhioMHAS representative explained that the Licensure and Certification office does complete a thorough review of all applications to ensure the provider is in compliance with Ohio Administrative Code. However, there is no formal opportunity for concerned parties to provide feedback during the licensure/certification application process. Informal public comment is welcome and can be submitted in writing to jodi.snider@mha.ohio.gov.


Questions about Cemetery Financials & Records:
Purchasing of cemetery graves
Burial opening and closing costs
Foundation costs
Cemetery Record keeping
Financials of the Cemetery
Scheduling a Burial
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Amanda Salinas


Questions about Cemetery Grounds & Maintenance:
Mowing & Trimming within the Cemetery
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John Miller


Payment Options:
*All payments for cemetery costs are to be paid before services are rendered.*
Payments can be made:
At the Green Springs Municipal Building, Office of the Fiscal Officer, located at 120 Catherine Street, Green Springs, OH 44836.
By mail to Green Springs Cemetery, 120 Catherine St. P.O. Box 536, Green Springs, OH 44836.
Payments can be made by check or money order, made payable to the Village of Green Springs.